Matlab and Simulink

JUMOTECH offers custom Matlab programs and Simulink models development in engineering fields, such as control systems, bioinformatic, communications, electrical and electronic systems, artificial vision, mechanical and thermodynamic domains, numerical methods and aeronautics. The programs can include interactions with other programming languages (C, C++, Python, Java).

Algorithms development

JUMOTECH also offers custom algorithm development based on your design requirements (transforming your ideas into algorithms), and obviously  implement specific algorithms in scientific fields, such as statistic analysis, data clustering, data classification, model optimization, artificial intelligence and computational biology.

Matlab courses

Our courses contain a set of learning objectives designed to help participants quickly master necessary skills. Our hands-on approach allows participants to practice, apply, and evaluate their knowledge in the classroom. Courses are developed by JUMOTECH training engineers who work closely with product developers and are always current on new product capabilities.

About JUMO

JUMO Technologies is a startup based in Barcelona. Our staff is composed of wide experienced and young engineers from recognized Catalonian universities. The company is focused on creating technical solutions in automation control, embedded systems, electronics designs and bio-medical software.

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02 February 2015
02 February 2015
02 February 2015
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